Banking & Finance

This stream like many others has profound impact across the whole strata of society. The issues to be examined during CSZ Summer School 2017 are complex but critical to human, economic and the banking institutions’ own development and survival whatever a nation’s economic thrust at any point. The stream presentations and discussions shall focus on;

1. If the computer Server Room is dying and about to be swallowed by Cloud,
2. Continuous Professional Development for skills relevance in technologically demanding environment,
3. The place of the CIO in banking institutions and
4. Establishing one source of financial information.

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Health Care

This stream focuses on how ICT can play a role in helping to achieve the health related SDGs including but not limited to the battle against HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other killer diseases.

How ICT is being used to bring diagnostics and treatment to previously unserviced remote areas, especially rural ones. With recent outbreaks of major diseases like Ebola and H1N1 Swine Flu virus, ICT is playing a bigger role in identifying and mapping disease hot spots.

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Education & E-learning Systems

This stream will zero in on the ways that ICT is transforming the education sector and how people are learning. Some of the sub topics covered include how technology is transforming standards, assessment, administration, learning environment and curriculum. Other aspects include supporting infrastructure and leveling the playing field so all sections of society benefit.

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Computer Society of Zimbabwe Summer School will draw expertise from world bodies, academics and practitioners to examine how ICTs can help to reconcile the seemingly irreconcilable dichotomies in this important sector. In exploring means and ways of achieving the intended goal by 2030.

The following sub-topics shall be examined further :

1. Biodiversity
2. Research
3. Appropriate technologies
4. Policies
5. Sustainability

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Youths in ICT Conference 2017

Youths are not only the future, youths are also the present, and the most powerful weapon to build a better world by 2030.

Summer School 2017 highlights the importance with which youths and young IT professionals are viewed by the CSZ as the future in the ICT industry, and to this end, the youths shall run a Youth IT Day Conference to take place during the SS17 Summer School on 16 November 2017. The venue shall be the Elephant Hills, Victoria Falls.

The theme of the Youth IT Day Conference shall be ICTs are critical tools for promoting human development, and reducing inequalities and emphasis shall be on collaborative research.

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Stream Chairs