Youths in ICT Conference

Youth is not only the future, youth is also the present, and the most powerful weapon to build a better world by 2030

Computer Society of Zimbabwe Software Development Community (CSZ-SDC) is a group of students from Zimbabwe’s tertiary education institutions, and young IT professionals who are members of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) and through this; the group is a member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) International Youth IT (InterYIT). IFIP is recognised by the United Nations and other world bodies and has representation in 56 countries including Zimbabwe.

CSZ-SDC shares IFIP’s InterYIT principles which are the following:

Young Professionals are the future of any industry.
Young Professionals are part of societies and organizations.
Their views and issues need to be heard.

The following are the shared objectives:

1. To encourage the professional growth of Young Professionals.
2. To be the umbrella body for all Young IT groups under the CSZ.
3. Foster communication between Young IT Groups.
4. e the linkage between young professionals and IFIP

Summer School 2017 highlights the importance with which youths and young IT professionals are viewed by the CSZ as the future in the ICT industry, and to this end, the youths shall run a Youth IT Day Conference to take place during the SS17 Summer School on 16 November 2017. The venue shall be the Elephant Hills, Victoria Falls.

The theme of the Youth IT Day Conference shall be ICTs are critical tools for promoting human development, and reducing inequalities and emphasis shall be on collaborative research.

Specifically, the following topics shall be the focus of the Youth ICT Conference, and your papers/presentations should be informed by the following listed ideas:

1. Developing software for sustainable development
2. ICT mentoring as a way of developing Africa’s digital generation
3. Harnessing ICTs to support Africa’s research capacity and development
4. Looking into the future: nations’ future with ICT as a billion dollar industry
5. Ethics in the age of disruptive technologies
6. Youth in ICT own the future
7. Youths in ICT can transform the socio-economic landscape of our countries
8. Building global apps with local relevance
9. Getting a share of the multi-billion dollar game-industry
10. Harnessing the High Performance Computer for global relevance
11. Internet of things as a development tool

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