Health and Care Stream

CSZ is an organisation that promotes knowledge exchange and development within the ICT industry. The key event for the year through which CSZ meets these objectives is through our flagship annual Summer School.

The theme for Summer School 2017 (SS17) is “ICTs as critical tools for promoting human development, and reducing inequalities” which will look at ways that ICT can contribute to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Among the SDG’s (SDG -3) is a goal to have Good Health and Well-being for all. This goal is meant to address:

All major health priorities
Access for all to medicines and vaccines
Capacity building for the health sector

As this is a key sustainable growth in CSZ view, one of the streams for SS17 is focused on Health and examining the contribution that ICT can and should make to achieve this goal by 2030.


Access to basic healthcare, especially for women, is a challenge for many across the developing world. Challenges that have an impact on achieving SDG-3 vary depending on the region. Common challenges that need to be overcome to achieve SDG-3 include:

Low Resources available for Healthcare
Affordable medicines and vaccines
Health emergency preparedness
Health workforce availability, density and distribution
Providing safe drinking water and sanitation

ICT is already contributing to SDG-3. Some examples are:

UGANDA – Software Developer Aaron Tushabe and team created an app called WinSenga that monitors the heartbeat in unborn children. This enables monitoring of heartbeats in remote areas at a low cost without resorting to expensive ultrasounds.

RWANDA – The world’s first Drone delivery service was launched in 2016. The drones deliver blood products to 21 transfusing facilities in the country. Hospitals can order blood using SMS and have it delivered in approximately 30 minutes. Deliveries were previously carried out by road and using drones has reduced this time while the cost of delivery has remained the same.

These are two examples in the way that technology is making a difference in Healthcare and contributing to SDG-3 by making healthcare accessible and available in areas where this was not the case previously.

Focus Area

The use of telemedicine via mobile devices is helping to reduce the cost of access to health services

ICT can play a big role in achieving the SDG on health by using technology to reduce the cost and improve efficiency in providing healthcare. This includes:

Health Records Management systems that interconnect and can be used to improve care.
Improve monitoring and provision of safe drinking water.
Reduce the cost of access to health services.
Improve health workforce availability through tracking and monitoring of personnel.
Providing knowledge to the citizen.
Improve the overall quality of care services.

These are some of the ways that ICT can contribute to achieving SDG-3. Our speakers will be expected to expand on these opportunities as well as other means of contributing to SDG-3.


Speakers are invited to explore/share/demonstrate solutions/methods that will contribute towards achieving Global Goal-3.

CSZ will welcome papers that offer practical solutions and case studies in line with current human health challenges. While we have attempted to list some of the health challenges, please feel free to include all known challenges that Goal-3 intends to achieve by 2030. We will not prescribe the length of papers, but comprehensive and inclusive papers will have a good chance of selection

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