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I welcome you to the Computer Society of Zimbabwe Summer School & Exhibition 2017 website. Browsing through the event information on the site, you will find that this year’s event seeks answers from you; yes, from you, as by nature of the country’s commitment to the Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), or the Global Agenda 2030, you automatically become a stakeholder to a promise to deliver on 169 targets of the goals by 2030. At this event together, we want to examine the catalytic role of ICTs to sustainable development. The event theme is “ICTs are critical tools for promoting human development and reducing inequalities”.

CSZ believe that the integration of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in all solutions is vital to the achievement of the SDGs. Not only are ICTs a platform which integrate and accelerate all three pillars of sustainable development, which are – economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability – but they provide an innovative and effective Means of Implementation in today’s inter-connected world. The UN Secretary-General’s report outlining the call to action to transform our world puts information technology and the data revolution that it has enabled, at the heart of its analysis. It recognizes the transformational power of today’s technology in ending the enduring cycle of extreme poverty and hunger.

It is true that ICTs are key enablers of development, and acknowledging the pivotal contribution that ICTs can make to delivering on the aspirational, transformational and universal targets of the SDGs, they are directly referenced in four targets of the 17 goals that form the Global Agenda.

To “walk us through” both in plenary and workshops, the various possibilities and imperatives for ICTs successes in the 4 chosen stream of Health, Agriculture, Banking &Finance and Education & Learning, I am delighted to divulge here - are true thinkers, leaders, world renowned, and practitioners in their field of expertise from both Zimbabwe and abroad.

Partnering with CSZ in this event, sharing their visions, and exhibiting the various enabling technologies are the providers of the critical environment where ICTs are able to play a critical role in sustainable development and the provision of the essential broadband including the requisite infrastructure, are Zimbabwe’s major Mobile Network Operators and Telecommunications companies.

On behalf of the president, members and all stakeholders in CSZ, I look forward to welcoming you and to be with you 15 – 17 November 2017, to share the way forward in making ICTs catalysts to achieve sustainable development by 2030.

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